My name is Andrea and I live in beautiful Toledo, Oregon on the Central Oregon Coast. Where the mountains roll on down to the sea!

These are all the things that inspire me to make the things I do.

Give me a freshly brewed cup of coffee and a seat on the porch to enjoy the sights and sounds of morning as the mist drifts its way off the mountains.

Being surrounded by trees, wild fruits and berries and curious critters and birds makes me feel alive and appreciative of the world I live in!

Enjoying the sites and sounds of the ocean and marine life brings on a peace and relaxation like no other.

Am I right? Who doesn’t love the sound of the waves as you stick your toes in the sand or sips a hot cup of coffee or enjoys a beach sunset sipping a cocktail?

I don’t know anyone who has ever visited the Oregon coast and not felt compelled to come back again and again!

 I hope the little luxuries I make will bring you to that peaceful easy feeling that the honey bees, forest and ocean brings.

Who doesn’t dream of summer when they see a honey bee? Those curious magnificent creatures that fly from flower to flower and take care of each other and their queen for the good of the hive?

Honey bees by the sea. Where the weather is mild and the living is peaceful and free.