Bubbles for Autism- Soap


Bubbles for Autism

These are glycerin soaps made with  soap “bubbles”. They are scented in a blend of Apples and Pears.  I am making these especially for this fund raiser. Since glycerin soaps do not have to cure, they can be made and purchased for immediate use! Designs may vary from the photo’s shown due to availability of supplies. Some may contain goats milk and some will have bio glitter for decoration.

If you wish to donate and not receive a soap and pay shipping, you can do so by going here.

For the entire month of April $5 from every Bubbles for Autism soap sold will go to The EJ Autism Foundation on Long Island, NY and the National Autism-Society.org. Please read the story below which was written by my friend, Frankie Delgado. He is hoping to raise awareness and support for other families navigating the world of Autism. Thank you so much for your kind donation. You can also find him on Instagram @frankiedelgadojr311

Letter from Frankie

I want to start this by taking a moment and thanking you. The person taking time to read this and hear a portion of our story. Also a heartfelt thank you to the many educators, aides, doctors and therapists. The list goes on. The people that rise to the occasion of making children and adults and their families a success story. A story of Hope, Love and Growth. Thank You! 💙

My name is Frankie Delgado and my son is diagnosed with Autism.

I came up with an idea and shared it with a friend who just so happens to be an artisan soap maker. Andrea or as she’s known in the soap making world, The Beekeeper’s Wife, immediately said let’s do it! Let’s create “BUBBLES FOR AUTISM”

We reside on Long Island, NY. I am the father to the most amazing source of love and inspiration I could have ever been blessed with. Julian. Our story begins like any other. Young couple adjusting to a baby boy with all the hopes and dreams of all parents. I can’t say I remember every detail of Julian’s diagnosis but I remember his mother crying out my name. Well I immediately cursed out everything and anyone I could imagine. The doctor looked at me and said you know this isn’t a life sentence. I then threw him out of my house and proceeded to attempt to drink this issue away. We felt lost. I was in full blown denial. I remember feeling like we were trapped in a storm at sea with no life preservers. A conversation with a well-respected human being in my life at the time assured me I could put whatever frame I wanted around this picture. One look at my son and I knew we had to work hard and the frame we chose was Faith. I knew we couldn’t see the future but I also knew I was certain we could make it bright. Our objective through this fundraiser is to raise awareness. Also hopefully shine a light along the path we traveled to others to let you know you aren’t alone. There will be slips and falls but I’m here to tell you and whoever is willing to listen that this has and always will be the most rewarding process I have ever known and grown to embrace.

1 in every 54 children in America are affected by Autism. 1 in 160 children Worldwide. In 2012 we understood we were a part of these very frightening statistics. An isolated and frightening situation. PDD-NOS was the diagnosis. One we literally had no understanding of and honestly we felt as if nobody really did. Not Otherwise Specified. Well….Fast Forward to 2021 and many peaks and valleys. We now understand that we are just one of the many families successfully navigating Autism. Where there is many there is always a path to success. 2020 certainly reminded us of the simple task of washing our hands. Our bodies. Which to children with special needs can sometimes be a lesson all to itself.

I wanted to come up with a soap, to not only help us keep our hands clean along with our bodies, but in doing so we wanted to give back to the very inspiring community that shined a light for my family and so many others along a path which sometimes appeared dimly lit.

Thank you so much for your love and support.  ~  Frankie Delgado

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