Hand Made Ceramic Soap Dishes


These beautiful one of a kind soap dishes were made just for us by Jessica Reininger of My Restless Art.

We wanted to create unique soap dishes that are inspired by the forests and trails right here in Oregon. Jessica included leaves, pinecones, mushrooms, flowers and other items she picked up on her hikes. Each dish is a one of a kind piece of Oregon art that hopefully will inspire you to get outside and explore!

Most are approx. 3-4″x 5-6″  and sit on cute little feet.

These are the perfect soap dish size and Jessica included embellishments that will raise the soap slightly so it can drain.  You can even use some as a double dish for your soap and your body balm bar. Or 2 soaps! Whatever you choose to use them for they will add a delightful bit of outdoors to your decor.


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