12 oz Square Jar of our Raw Creamed Fall Honey. Fall honey is darker and richer than spring and early summer honey due to the higher concentration of wildflower nectar.

It’s 100% Pure with no additives or processing. Just how the bees made it!
What is creamed honey, you ask?  It is the controlled process of crystallization so that the honey is smooth like peanut butter instead of the typical large crystals that form.
You keep it on your counter or pantry and it will remain the same consistency since it is already crystallized.  It’s delicious!

Use it in your tea or coffee, make sandwiches with it, use it in sauces, substitute for sugar in some recipes or just eat it plain.  100% Natural Food with no additives. It’s good for you!

Please note:  This past year and a half has been a struggle to get glass jars and when we do find them, they are very expensive. We’ve basically been giving it away for over a year.
We have new packaging and now offer 2 sizes with new pricing. These jars are reusable and recyclable plastic and weighs less for shipping  They don’t cost us less but are reliable to obtain and results in lower shipping costs for our customers.

Idaho customers wishing to pick up Honey locally in the Boise/Meridian area– Please use coupon code LOCALPICKUPIDAHO to remove shipping from your cart during checkout. If you wish to purchase other items, please note that they will be shipped from our Olalla location in Oregon and must be ordered separately. Thank you!

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Weight 13 oz
Dimensions 3.5 × 3.5 × 2.5 in

12 oz Square Jar, 6 oz Round Jar


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