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Solid Dish Soap


Solid dish soap hand poured into a beautiful scalloped porcelain ramekin. Optional wooden palm scrubber to complete the set. When you buy the set it comes in a cute honey bee drawstring bag.

Ditch the plastic bottles of dish soap and all the chemicals and detergents!

No more washing dishes in a sink full of dirty water. Just wet your brush and work a lather then scrub each dish individually, rinse and be done! Less waste and you have a nice ramekin to use in your kitchen when the soap is gone. Collect a whole set if you want! Ramekins are porcelain and oven, microwave and dishwasher safe.

Scent Profile: Orange essential oil which is food safe and smells wonderful.

Final soap has only coconut oil, essential oil and castor oil for added bubbles.


Additional information

Weight 6 oz

Dish Soap Puck, 6 oz Blue Ramekin, 4 oz White Ramekin, 6 oz Blue Ramekin w/Brush, 4 oz White Ramekin w/Brush


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